Barn wedding venues in the South East

Why I love barn weddings so much

Southlands Barn

A barn wedding is quite unique and fabulous. Barns do lend themselves perfectly for wedding celebrations, and can be very different too.  Some like Tithe Barn are very large and architecturally stunning.  Some are tiny and perfect for an intimate gathering. Whilst some are very modern or refurbished to a very high standard, you may prefer the rustic appeal of an unpolished building in a rural location.  You may need to hire in more services than you would with a hotel, make sure you take advantage of the expertise and advice from the owners.  Personally, I love these often quirky buildings for a celebration, and have worked in many over the years.

Brookfield Barn wedding, west sussex

Why should you chose a barn for your wedding?

Barns have become an increasingly popular choice for wedding venues in the UK in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. These beautiful rustic and charming spaces offer a unique atmosphere that is perfect for creating an unforgettable wedding experience.
One of the biggest advantages of choosing a barn for your wedding venue is the flexibility it offers. Unlike more traditional wedding venues, barns can allow you to create a completely customised wedding experience. You can work with your wedding decorator to design the space exactly the way you want it, from the lighting and decor to the seating arrangements and music. The possibilities are virtually endless, and you can create a wedding that truly reflects your style and personality.

In addition to their flexibility, barns also offer a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for celebrating with friends and family. The natural beauty of wooden beams, exposed brick and stone, and high ceilings creates a cozy and intimate ambiance that is both romantic and relaxed. Whether you’re looking for a casual country-style wedding or a more formal affair, a barn is a versatile venue that can accommodate many wedding styles and themes.

Another advantage of choosing a barn for your wedding, is their stunning outdoor surroundings. Many barns are located in picturesque rural areas, surrounded by fields, meadows, farmland, and forests. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor weddings, where you can take advantage of the natural scenery and create a beautiful backdrop for your special day.

Overall, barns are amazing venues for celebrating weddings because they offer such a unique and unforgettable experience that can be tailored to suit any couple’s preferences. They are perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, surrounded by natural beauty and stunning scenery. So if you’re planning a wedding, and looking for a venue that is both charming and versatile, a rustic barn may be just what you’re looking for.

Grittenham Barn, West Sussex

I am a specialist and experienced barn wedding DJ. If you are looking for a barn in a rural location in the South East, here are a few I can recommend you check out:

West Sussex barns

Pangdean Barn, East Sussex

East Sussex barns

Hurtwood Barn, Surrey

Surrey Barns

  • Bury Court Barn, Farnham
  • Burford Bridge Hotel Tithe Barn, Box Hill
  • Bysshe Court, Horne, near Smallfield
  • Gate Street Barn, Bramley
  • Hurtwood Park Polo Club, Ewhurst
  • Loseley Park Barn, Guildford
  • Oaks Farm, Shirley
  • Old Green Barn, Newdigate
  • Red Barn, Blindey Heath
  • Taylors Farm, Capel

Tithe Barn, Hampshire Xmas wedding

Hampshire Barns

  • Bonhams Barn, Alton
  • Clock Barn, Whitchurch
  • Great Barn, Titchfield, Fareham
  • The Long Barn, Newton Valance
  • Rivervale Barn, Yateley
  • Tithe Barn, Ditcham
Field Place barn in Worthing

Berkshire barns

Kent barns

  • Swallows Oast, Ticehurst
  • Winters Barn, Canterbury

contemporary chic barn set for the wedding, Syrencot, Wiltshire

Cotswolds barns

Barns further afield…