Small party specialist – intimate parties ROCK!

intimate party disco

Are you planning a small party or a micro festival? Intimate parties are one of the specialities I can help with. Over the years, I have DJ’d many relatively small parties with fewer than 20 guests. These are alway great fun, and a really special way to celebrate, whatever the reason.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss the options available to you for an awesome intimate party!

table setting for an intimate wedding in Sussex

Intimate wedding and small party

If you are thinking that you would love to celebrate your wedding with just the most important people, this can be done. In theory, to get legally married, you just need 2 witnesses, the registrars, and both of you present. A small party with your close family and best friends could follow, and this could be in a back garden, in a field, a beach, or anywhere really. Think of it as a micro wedding if you wish.

bride and groom dancing with their closest friends at a small party

Wedding expert

As a wedding DJ, I have many years of experience to call on. A lot of weddings are between 50 – 150 guests, but many are for fewer guests. Together we can work out exactly what you and your guests love to party to.

Maybe you would love some chilled beats in the garden, I do this very often for my clients, and can advise on or supply this service.

music in the garden
Let me provide some awesome music in your garden

small party at home
small marquee
party tent with silent disco