Intimate Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment

Are you planning a small gathering in a thrilling outdoor setting, or just a small indoor party? Whether you opt for a beach party, poolside celebrations, a garden party, or any other imaginative locale which does not have power, I can help. Maybe you want a cool DJ for an end of month beer bust at work to chill out, a company picnic, or a car club meet? How about a cool DJ set during the cocktail hour after the wedding breakfast, or you want to do your first dance under the stars? I can help. Maybe you want to create a vibe for a photoshoot with a difference?

I have recently taken delivery of the latest in wireless, battery powered DJ system by Pioneer DJ, aka Alpha Theta in the shape of an Omnis-Duo system and 2 x Wave-Eight speakers. These little beasties are fully featured for DJing, and work off grid from internal batteries for up to 6 or 7 hours. They are aimed squarely at campsites, beaches, skate parks etc…, and, my son and I DJing under the Mole and Son banner will be making full use of this system when the weather improves here in the UK! We can also combine this system with our fabulous and unique VW DJ booth, and did you know that my daughter Louise works in event decor?

Some of these images supplied by the manufacturer gives you an idea of what we can do!

Please do get in touch if you have a project which we can assist with, it’ll be a pleasure to help.