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Being an award winning wedding DJ, I can safely say I have the best job in the world.  Who else gets to play music that the guests want to dance to, and who else goes to lots of weddings where love is in the air?  A great wedding party DJ will make all the difference to your evening wedding reception.  Their work will be the final memories you and your guests will leave with at the end of the night, so finding the right entertainment partner is crucial.

Brian Mole Wedding DJ Upwaltham Barns by Kevin Watkins
Image courtesy of Kevin Watkins

“Brian delivered the best possible service for our special day and made it such a fantastic evening for us and our guests. So many people commented on the playlist that Brian played that night. What we found so nice and what was really important to us, was how our music choices were taken into account and so we really felt part of our wedding reception. He didn’t just play what he wanted to play! Brian is incredibly professional and so enthusiastic which is just what we wanted.” Mrs Kelly Peacock

Kelly & Kevin

(c) Rob Burress, Shootinghip, 2018. The wedding party DJ
Image courtesy of Rob Burress, Shootinghip.

Your music – it’s the soundtrack to your life

Have you been to a party where the DJ only played what he wanted? How crazy is this?! A professional mobile DJ should be prepared to listen to his customers’ requests to play appropriate music for their party. As an expert DJ, I know what kinds of music make people move.  But it is essential that you and your guests enjoy the music played.  I always encourage all my clients to suggest what they want to hear. I also ask them, to let me know what they don’t like.

Planning meetings

This can be done at our planning meetings, by email, or using your own exclusive online music planning tools. There, you can browse and listen to samples of music to add to your request lists.

On the day of your event, you will be confident that you will have no unwanted surprises. Your party will be a great success, and you and your guests will dance to your favourite tunes.  Music for special dances such as your first dance, bride and father dance, and last dance of the night can also be added to this as a custom selection to personalise your special day.

I have been collecting many genres of music since I was a teenager, and my collection is very extensive.  I am constantly updating my collection in order to provide the best possible choice to all my clients.

Hannah and Ross at Southend Barns
(c) Nicki Feltham Photography –

Experience and specialist expert knowledge

I have performed at many hundreds of weddings, over thirty years in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Kent and generally all over the South East. I have a reputation for peace of mind and reliability, professionalism, and a personal service next to none.  If you book me, you will benefit from my extensive musical knowledge. I will work with you to ensure that your day brings back so many amazing memories.  I do also DJ at other types of functions.  But being a professional wedding reception DJ is my speciality and my full time job.  This means you will see my passion and enthusiasm when I am at work providing your wedding entertainment.

fun guaranteed

A mixing DJ?

DJ Brian Mole mixing on CDJ's
DJ Brian Mole mixing on Pioneer CDJ-2000’s

Unlike most of my wedding DJ colleagues, I mix the music to a very high standard due to my advanced mixing skills.  This means no embarrassing gaps, no big differences in volume levels, and no mixes that sound like someone tipping out a cutlery drawer!  The benefit to the party is a smooth, modern style of DJing which ensures that the beat keeps going.  This in turn this ensures that your guests enjoy dancing longer on the dance floor.  My microphone technique is simple; I make clear announcement as and when they are required, but keep quiet in between tracks most of the time.  I mean, who the hell wants to know I have just played Rapper’s Delight, and here comes Stevie Wonder?!  Check out my Houseproud mixes here, and also see what Gareth and Claire’s wedding was like here.

My equipment

You have spent a fortune on hiring the most beautiful venue for your wedding, do you really want the look totally ruined by the arrival of the mobile disco from hell?!  My show is not only very neat but tidy.  The sound quality of both of my Bose L1 and Pioneer Pro Audio sound systems is truly of a hi-fi standard which a lot of other wedding reception DJ’s aspire to. Lighting is subtle and will complement your venue.  As night falls, it will look fantastic.

If you would rather have something looking like Las Vegas or Blackpool’s illuminations, then it can be done as have access to the best hire equipment there is locally!  I do use the very best available sound production and music sources. This allows me to be confident in the reliability, quality and creative opportunities they present to me as a modern wedding DJ.

Read all about the mood lighting or uplighting which I provide with my services.  This transforms any venue for the party in the colours you love.  To provide a real wow factor, you could ask me for recommendations for a star lit dance floor in black or white, and to set the party on fire, I can also provide an optional Tomfoolery party pack.

My optional VW DJ Booth

VW DJ booth at Southlands Barn, West Sussex

For the most amazing WOW factor at your wedding, how about getting me to DJ from my VW Split Screen Campervan DJ Booth?  This unique addition to my services will look amazing for classic, vintage, and festival themed weddings.

Or maybe you were thinking of a silent disco – these can be really fun!


The processes in my wedding DJ business mean that I have thought about what can go wrong. Although this is extremely rare, I have spare equipment with me at every function. If something does go wrong, I can quickly return to normal service.  Many other DJ’s don’t see this as important. They either don’t have spare equipment on hand or don’t have any at all!  I also have platinum membership of a motoring organisation to ensure that I can reach my destination.

Brian Mole - Expert Wedding DJ in Sussex