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Wedding Ceremony Music planned and played perfectly

Your Wedding Ceremony Music

Imagine it’s your wedding….The perfect day. The groom nervously waits amid the excited audience. Music begins to play as you walk up the aisle, music that only you could have chosen….

Your wedding ceremony is going to be one of the most emotional and intimate parts of your day.  Asking me to produce and play the wedding ceremony music takes away the stress and responsibility of asking a family member or friend.  This avoids common mistakes by inexperienced staff, and ensures your choices of music are correctly played during your big moment.  In this way, everyone can enjoy your ceremony fully and focus on the important moments.  You wouldn’t dream of walking down the aisle to music chosen by someone else, so why leave the ceremony music to chance?

wedding ceremony music ready at Grittenham
Brian Mole - wedding ceremony music production, Zoe and Richard's wedding at Field Place

What music do I need for the ceremony?

  • Your choice of music for the entrance of the wedding party, sometimes called the processional
  • Ten minutes’ worth of background music for signing the schedule / register
  • Music for the exit of the newlyweds, sometimes called the recessional

You may also want some background music before the ceremony takes place, as the guests arrive.

How I can help personalise the wedding ceremony music for you

Together, we will create your wedding ceremony soundtrack that will not only evoke emotion with you and your guests, but also totally personalise your wedding.  I will provide a discreet and very high quality Bose PA system.  The sound level and quality for your wedding ceremony music is just perfect for you and your guests.

Just before the wedding ceremony starts, I may play a trigger track that you have chosen.  This is a fun way to put the groom at ease and let him know that his wife to be is ready to make her big entrance.  Then, I will liaise with the Registrar or Celebrant.  It’s time for the entrance of the bridal party! Here, I play your choice of music at the right point in time for maximum impact as she walks down the aisle to meet your future husband. As the bride, groom and witnesses sign the register, I will play your music choices whilst everyone takes photos.  Finally, as you both walk back up the aisle as a married couple, I will play your choice of music to celebrate your wedding.

I can advise, source, back-up and mix the music at the relevant places, order and volume levels for you at your ceremony.  A month before your wedding day, I will arrange a planning meeting either via zoom, oh here in my home in Southwater. Together, we will listen to your choices of music, and plan the ceremony to make sure the right music is ready.

Little Banqueting House at Hampton Court

A very very discreet system

The last thing you want at a ceremony is a ridiculously ugly piece of equipment to play the wedding ceremony music on.  Unlike most of my colleagues, I use a state of the art Bose system for ceremony music which is barely visible, and sounds fabulous.  For those really intimate ceremonies, this ultra compact system from is almost invisible. I can also provide a hand held microphone for your celebrant, but if instead you need lapel microphones for everyone in the ceremony, I will be able to advise you where to rent these.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies 

Many couples can now get married in the great outdoors, so if you need me to provide the music anywhere where there is no mains power, this is not a problem at all.  I have a high quality Bose battery powered system which is perfect for civil or humanist ceremonies in woods, fields, gardens etc…

Ceremony in the woods

Need some ideas on which ceremony music to choose?

Olivia and Ryan ceremony
Image courtesy of Kelsie Scully Photography
Ede's House, Chichester

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