Terms of service

How do I do business?

So that your event is a complete success, and for peace of mind for all parties concerned, I have put together some important procedures, and terms of service.  Of course, I will guide you all along the process, so there should be nothing to worry about.

Our Client meeting

Once we have made contact, and I can confirm I am available, I will require that we should meet to find out exactly what you want from your party. This is a no-obligation, no pressure planning visit, and my aim is answer all your questions and to give you complete peace of mind and confidence when choosing the DJ for your function. Most clients meet me in the comfort of their home on a Zoom call, or in my home in Southwater, usually on a weekday or weekday evening. If you are not prepared to meet me before you book, you should be looking for another supplier instead.

Our Booking

Once we have met, and discussed your wedding in detail, I will prepare a quotation for the services you would like on your big day. When you are ready to book me for your party, I will prepare a written agreement for both of us which has been approved by a solicitor to be fair to both the client and the service provider.  I will post 2 copies of the agreement to you, and request a nominal payment as an reservation fee – this is usually 10% – 30% of the total fee. Once you have read and checked the terms of the agreement, sigh them both, and return them to me for countersigning.  I will then return your copy for your reference.  Only when this is done is the booking confirmed, and I will no longer be available to any other enquiries. I will hold overdue provisional bookings open for a maximum of 48 hours.

Online music planning tool

You will then receive access to your own exclusive online planning system which allows you to preview and choose musical requests in advance. If the venue is new to me, I will arrange to contact the management and arrange to visit the venue to ensure that I comply with their requirements, and of course to make sure they can fit in with mine!

Final details

A few weeks before your party, I will ensure I have all the music requested at hand, and confirm this with you either online, by telephone or at a final planning meeting. The balance of my fee is also due up to 30 days before the event. I will also double check all the final details including any timing changes, and liaise with 3rd parties such as venue management, caterers, bands, photographers, etc… as required.

Terms and conditions summary:

  • Booking DJ Brian Mole is subject to a SIGNED agreement. No signed agreement = no booking!
  • Final Payment is due in full up to 30 days before the event.
  • Invoices issued are to be paid within 14 days, even if you are an agency or another DJ business I have worked for!  Failure to pay within 14 days incurs additional administration fees and accrued interest.  “I reserve the right to claim statutory interest at 8% above the Bank of England base rate at the date the debt becomes overdue, in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.”
  • Additions to the timings agreed will be charged at £60 per hour or part.
  • Cancellations MUST be notified in writing AND by telephone.
  • If a cancellation is made within 30 days of the event, the full fee is payable
  • If a cancellation is made up to 30 days from the event, the reservation fee will be forfeited.
  • The electricity supply must be adequate, safe, clean, and exclusive. If a generator is to be used, this HAS to be approved in advance by me – no exceptions!
  • Functions outdoors or in a Marquee are subject to further conditions, mainly for logistical and health & safety reasons, and I need to know in advance in order to make sure the event runs smoothly. This is VERY IMPORTANT as problems do occur with outdoor events which can easily be overcome by planning in advance only.
  • The client and venue management must allow suitable time and access for setting up and removal of the equipment.
  • I expect to perform in a safe, non-abusive and non-hostile environment. Any mistreatment or abuse of the DJ or anyone accompanying the DJ, in any way will result in the immediate discontinuation of service.

The Mic drop!

It has become a fun thing during the speeches for the speaker to end their speech with a microphone drop.  If you plan to do this, do let me know in advance.  The fee for this service is £150 for a cabled microphone and £550 for a radio microphone which you get to keep as a memento of the hilarious end to your speeches.