Your data with me – GDPR

GDPR and privacy

We have all heard of the GDPR regulations coming into force, and being a major headache for a lot of business owners.  I have a privacy policy in place, but in order to keep this information as safe as possible, I wanted to let you know what data I hold from my clients, and how I use this data.  I don’t share data with third parties, although do I use some online tools to run my business which need some basic information to be there (these are all secure and compliant).  I take my responsibilities on your rights very seriously, and will only ever use the details you share with me to help make your experience the best it can be, and nothing else.

Initial contact information

When you contact me in the first place, it’s either by email or by a phone call.  I will collect your contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers, and your names, as well as what you are celebrating, and where.  This is recorded on my secure computer system which is password protected.  When we meet, I will record the details of your event on paper which is transferred to my computer system when I’m back in my office which is safely kept locked as you would expect!  If I can’t help, I may be able to refer some other trusted professionals to you.  I will always get your permission first, then share your contact details with them so that they can help you.

If you book me

If you choose to book my services, I will take more details about your event, and ask for a payment.  I do not need your bank details for this as payment is usually made by you.  If I were to make a refund at any time, I would need you bank details to process this.  I would also ask you to tell me what kinds of music you like and dislike, and if you have also booked me as your MC, I may need to know the names of various friends and family members to make proper introductions for speeches for example.

On the day

I may take images or video footage on the day, but only if you allow me.  This is covered in our agreement.  These are also stored on my computer system securely, and I may use them for my own marketing, and showing other clients what I can do for them.  My DJ software also logs what tracks I play for the party.  Sometimes I may blog this as the music list may be really interesting to other couples thinking about their weddings.

After the event

After your event, I am required by law to keep hold of booking information for a number of years in order to comply with the tax system.  I keep this information on my secure computer system and in my paper filing system under lock and key.

Your rights

Under GDPR, you have a right to ask for all the information I hold about you, and request to be forgotten, this is no problem at all, just call me and I will do my best to do this for you in a timely manner.

More information

If you would like more information on this, please just ask!