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Your wedding breakfast entertainment

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Grand entrance for the wedding breakfast
Image courtesy of Rob Burress, Shootinghip Photography

Wedding breakfast entertainment is something which is often overlooked.  With a little planning this is a part of the day which can be magical, fun, unique and breathtaking. Who wants to hear just the clattering and scraping of cutlery over the whispers of guests during the wedding meal?  I’m sure the venue can supply some random background music CD which they will have used so many times before.  Let’s make it really special by customising this essential part of your day with some amazing music.

grand entrance to the wedding breakfast

Background music for the wedding breakfast

Let me create a unique and personalised playlist for you and your guests.  I will provide a very high quality but discreet Bose sound system so that your music choices are played at the right volume for all to enjoy.  I will produce a background music list based on your choices of music, reflecting your tastes.  In the same way as the drinks reception, the mood can be set simply by selecting the type of music.

Classical music will provide a formal and classy mood. Jazz and swing will give a stylish and upbeat mood. Big ballads will convey love.  Chillout will provide a contemporary cool laid back mood.  How about film themes for a fun mood? Reggae, Calypso and Soca will raise a mood of Carnival, and yesteryears party hits will give you an all day party atmosphere.

Allow me to help inspire you with your music selections for the wedding breakfast.  Best of all, there will be no awkward silences, and no use of that dreaded repeat button! Here are a few ideas you could use…

Microphone and PA for the speeches

Everybody loves the moment when the speeches are made.  Bellies are full, champagne is served for the toasts,  the stage is set.  Well, there is nothing worst for your guests at the back of the room who strain to hear anything.  As your VIPs have put a lot of work and love into preparing these speeches and toasts, it’s only right that they should be heard clearly by everyone.  I will provide you with a cordless microphone so that they get the attention they deserve, and nothing is missed.  Sadly, last time the venue provided their own PA for speeches, the microphone kept cutting out.  This scenario is completely unacceptable, so if you have booked me for the day, even it the venue have a PA system, I will always provide my own microphone for your speeches!

speeches at Tithe barn

Master of Ceremonies

My Master of Ceremonies service transforms your wedding breakfast into an unforgettable reception which will be uniquely YOURS.  Read more about the Master of Ceremonies service here.

Wedding Master of Ceremonies Brian Mole
Image courtesy of Craig Payne

Ever wondered why it’s called a wedding breakfast?

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