Can we request our own song choices?

Playing the right music is key to the success of your wedding party. So, finding out exactly what you and your guests like and dislike is absolutely crucial in my view.  Although I am highly experienced in entertaining at weddings, I would not presume to second guess what you like and dislike!

When you book my services, I provide you with a unique event login for planning your wedding music.  This allows you to browse, listen to, and select music requests for several key areas.  Typically for a wedding, I would like to know the following in advance:

  • special requests for first dances etc...
  • specific music requests to be played without fail
  • specific music requests to be played if possible
  • music to be avoided at all costs
  • background music choices for drinks reception or wedding breakfast
  • ceremony music choices

Given this information, I can guarantee you and your guests will have a fabulous time at your wedding.

When we meet, I explain and demonstrate how this simple system works, and provide you with a list of most requested music at weddings.  This is very useful inspiration for what NOT to play as well as giving you ideas of different types of music you may wish to choose for your wedding.

When should we book a DJ?

Your wedding is the most important day of your lives, and you want the entertainment to be very special.  You want your guests to have a fabulous time.  A brief search of wedding resources such as bridal magazines, blogs and websites seem to advise you to start searching for your DJ about 9 months before your wedding date.  This perceived wisdom is flawed if you are after anything other than just an average wedding DJ which there are plenty of!

The very best wedding professionals are seldom available at short notice, so it is essential that you inquire about availability as soon as you have booked the venue for your wedding.  This ensures that you have the best choice of quality suppliers for your big day, and that you will not be let down.

I typically am booked about 12 - 18 months in advance for weddings, this means that many key dates are no longer available as once I am booked I cannot accept new enquiries.

My venue has asked for a PLI certificate, have you got one?

What is PLI?

PLI is short for Public Liability Insurance.  This insurance covers claims arising for compensation and legal expenses by people who may have suffered a loss or have been injured as a result of the policy holders’ business activities.

Ensure all your vendors are insured

Every business which works on client’s premises needs PLI. Also, any business which employs staff must also have Employers Liability insurance.  This is required regardless of whether these staff are paid or just friends, colleagues, of family just helping out.

If your wedding venue has asked if your chosen wedding vendors have PLI, this is quite normal, and your vendors should be able to provide this information easily.  Should they not be able to provide proof of insurance, ask yourself if you have hired a professional who has all your interests covered for your big day!

When you book my services, you can rest assured that I have both PLI and Employers Liability Insurance.  I have a £10,000,000 worldwide policy and will contact your venue to provide this information as part of my service.

Can we meet you to discuss our function? 

Beware of any DJ who will not allow you to meet.  I always offer to visit my clients or at the very least chat over the phone.  This is important on several fronts - first, you will want to make sure that you are 100% comfortable with me as your DJ.  Then, we can also discuss your function in full detail, and any special or extra requirements such as themed lighting, PA for speeches or mood lighting for example.  This important meeting gives me a really good idea of what kind of music you like and how you want your event to run before you need to make any commitment to hiring me as your DJ.  Should you need to meet me again, this is no problem as I offer full support from the moment you make a booking with me.

Do you provide a written contract?

Any entertainer should provide you with a written agreement including a schedule of timing, location, costs, and services offered for your event.  Once you have chosen me to be your DJ, I generate an agreement with all the details of your function which is then sent to you.  More details can be found in my terms of service.

Will the DJ I was expecting be the DJ who turns up at my party?

There are many agencies and multi-operator companies out there.  With them, you may find that the DJ you book for you party will not be the one who turns up on the night.  Some agencies do also visit you, but then send a different DJ for your party (they assign the DJ at a later stage). With me, you are not subject to this uncertainty as I will provide you with a written contract stating who the DJ is at your party (me), and therefore there are no nasty surprises.  Once I am booked for a party, I will not be available for other enquiries.

Do you have any form of backup with you?

Even the best professional equipment can fail, so as to minimise this, your entertainer should carry enough backup equipment to be able to continue his work.  Some mobile DJ's carry very little or no backup, others leave their backup equipment at home, hoping that a quick trip back will resolve all their problems. At every event, I have spare equipment for everything critical with me so that ‘the show can go on’ if something goes wrong.

Is your equipment tested for electrical safety regularly?

Every entertainer should have his equipment tested for electrical safety on a regular basis. Typically, DJ's have their equipment PAT tested every year, and they should be able to produce a PAT test certificate on demand. Again, the venue management may need to see this in advance. Your entertainer should also expect your venue to provide a safe working environment, and a safe electrical supply. All my equipment is PAT tested every autumn, certificates can be examined on demand.

Can my DJ friend do a set at my party using your kit?

Yes, of course they can!  A lot of mobile DJ companies will try and discourage this, but it will bring a lot of additional fun to your party, and this can be arranged very easily in advance.  I use club industry standard mixing equipment, so they will be completely at home performing on this.  I can supply 2 Pioneer XJD-1000MK2 decks, a Pioneer DJM-900 nexus mixer, and I can even bring a pair of Technics SL1200 MKII turntables too!

Will you be suitably dressed?

Your entertainer should be presentable at your party. If you are holding a formal evening party, make sure the DJ can blend in with your guests with suitable clothing - smart, casual, suit or even black tie. If your evening party is going to be themed or more relaxed, make sure you let the DJ know what you expect him to wear for the performance. Whilst setting up and dismantling his equipment, your entertainer may need to be in casual clothing, but there is no excuse for a shabbily dressed DJ. I'm always smartly dressed!

Do you talk in between the tracks?

No!  But I do make clear and well articulated announcements when they are required.  I am able to mix seamlessly to a club DJ standard, so you will not find me embarrassing your guests with inane and pointless banter in between the tracks to cover up my lack of technical skills!  This means that people are more likely to enjoy the night and stay on the dance floor.

I have lost the username or password for the online music selection tool, what should I do?

Each one of my clients has access to their own online music selection and planning tool.  This, amongst other things, allows them to listen to and choose the music for every aspect of their wedding day.  If you have not yet received the login information or you have lost the details, just get in touch with me, I will help you out!

Do you provide Karaoke?

No.  But my good friend Glenn does and he is brilliant at it, ask me for his details!

Where do you travel to?

From my base in Southwater, near Horsham in West Sussex, I cover all the home counties, the South East, and will happily travel further afield all over the UK for your wedding.

I will happily work abroad too, Europe is no problem at all, I am fluent in French, so if you are thinking of getting married in France - do get in touch.  Ibiza is another speciality which I can help with.

How do we pay you for your services?

When you sign and return the agreements, 30% of the total fee is due as an advance payment.  The balance is due 14 days before the event.  Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque, credit/debit card, or Paypal.  Just ask me for details.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs.  The price you have agreed to once we have exchanged agreements will include everything we have included in the agreement.  There is no VAT to pay either.  If however, you decide you want to book extra services we have not agreed, just get in touch as this will mean we have to recalculate the fee.

How did Trump get into the White House?

I have no idea...

How much do you charge for 4 hours?

My fees depend on the amount of work I put in for each wedding.  Most of this work is done outside the wedding day itself, with client meetings, event preparation, music editing, and many other aspects.  Therefore, it is impossible to price an hourly rate for the evening.  To do this, I will ask for us to meet for a chat.  From this, I will find out what your needs and wants are and then will be able to provide you with an accurate quotation.  Typically, my evening fees start at around £500.