New phone-o-gram audio guestbook service

phoneogram audio guestbook hire in sussex

My phone-O-gram audio guestbook is brand new service for weddings and parties, consisting of an old fashioned cream or red telephone (other colours available on request) to record your guests’ messages, and a funky red phone box stand.

Traditionally, guestbooks have been used to record the messages of wedding guests. Recently, couples have been looking for more creative and unique ways to remember their special day. That’s where the phoneOgram audio guestbook comes in. The phoneOgram audio guestbook is a modern, fun, and innovative way for guests to leave heartfelt messages for the newlyweds. With this guestbook, guests can record personalized messages, wishes, and advice for the couple to cherish forever. At the end of your party, I will send you a video compilation of all your messages which you can easily share if you wish to.

bridesmaids leaving a message on the phoneogram audio guestbook
Audio guestbook phone
dad leaving a message