Meet Brian Mole

Meet Brian Mole

Brian Mole

Brian and Helen Mole

Brian and Helen Mole

My family business is based in Southwater near Horsham in West Sussex where I live with my lovely wife Helen, our two amazing children; Louise and Simon, and Minnie the cat. I am very proud to be an expert wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies.  Just imagine; I get to meet some wonderful people, and I help them plan and deliver what is essentially the best day of their lives.  This really has to be the best job in the world, right?!

Having lived in France and with family there, I am bilingual in French and English, so if you are looking for a French speaking DJ or MC, your search is over!

AwardsRegional Winner TWIA2018

In 2016 and 2017, I achieved Regional Finalist in the much respected Wedding Industry Awards.  This year, I am very fortunate to have been awarded Wedding DJ of the year for 2108 for London and the South East, and hence I am also a National Finalist.


My business

As this business is my full time day job, I have a relentless passion to bring fun, joy and love to each event I work on, and unlike so many of my competitors who have many average DJs of varying ability on their books, I am the DJ who will turn up to visit you, and therefore I am the DJ who will be exclusively working on your event and I am 100% committed to its complete success.  Sometimes, I do need to pinch myself to check I am doing this as a career, it really is the best job in the world!

Expert DJ

I started DJing in the early 1980s mainly for friends, clubs and peoples’ birthday parties as a hobby.  For many years, I progressed, DJing many corporate events, clubs, and weddings alongside a full time day job.  A few years ago my IT career came to an unexpected halt, and I decided to make the transition to being a full time DJ and start doing what I love for a living.  I have performed at thousands of parties over the years, and have a reputation for getting people dancing and having a good time.  Several agencies have me on their books as their premium DJ.

My DJing style

Far from being the stereotypical mobile DJ who has to be the arrogant, know-it-all comical star of the party and is always saying something, I provide a smooth mix of the right music for the audience with just the required amount of appropriate talk and properly rehearsed and prepared introductions, delivered through an exceptionally clear sound system chosen to complement the venue. I am able to ‘read’ audience reactions and physically mix music to a very high standard, ensuring every function is a success.

My musical tastes have their roots in the late seventies and early eighties dance music, from artists such as The Fatback Band, D-Train, Maze, and Soul II Soul. These have progressed through the evolution of dance music as we know it today which gives me passion and enthusiasm for my art.  But don’t for one minute think that this is all I can play!  I work with my clients to play the music that they love to dance to, and this can be absolutely any style of music.

I am committed to learning new skills, and continue to attend various DJ and MC related courses in order to embrace and make the most of new technology and to learn new skills. My favourite performance tools consist of the awesome Pioneer ProDJ RekordboxDJ DDJ-RZ, XDJ-1000 MKII media players and DJM-900 nexus mixer which enable me to stretch my creative skills to new boundaries.

Master of CeremoniesDJ Brian Mole 2012

A natural part of what I do for my clients on their wedding day is the Master of Ceremonies.  I am a Marbecca graduate, having taken the Bronze, Silver and Gold workshops.  This workshop and mentor based training has been invaluable in so many ways.

Industry credentials

I served as Chairman of SEDA from 2012 to 2015, and as a committee member for some 10 or so years in various positions.  The South Eastern Discotheque Association, this is a strong regional association with over 200 members which promotes good practice, health and safety, and the art of DJing.  I am always keen to share my skills with other DJs and to network with like minded professional DJs in the industry, and have run several mixing workshops seminars and demos in recent years as well as continuing to improve my skills with regular mentoring and workshops.



I am also a member of NADJ – the National Association of DJs, and am a regular contributor to ProMobile Magazine, the only publication in the UK specifically aimed at Mobile DJs, where they will find technical reviews and articles I have regularly written about the industry.

Alongside DJ’s Marky Marc, David C, Holly Bee and Jonathan Dobson, I am a founding member of Houseproud – an amazing project to bring great house music to those that love it.  You can hear some of my mixes on my mixcloud page.

Hampshire Wedding Experts

Some of my past corporate clients:

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