The lockdown mixes

DJs in the mix, Simon Mole and Brian Mole

During the Covid-19 crisis, we were put in lockdown several times. I absolutely love playing music at live events, this is why I became a full time DJ. As you can imagine, with the impossibility of DJing to happy crowds every week, this has been very difficult for me and many of my colleagues. Since March 2020, I have not been able to feed my passion for DJing, and my business has been hit by lots of my lovely couples cancelling and continually postponing their weddings. In fact, I can’t even begin to describe how much this hurts.

Every cloud…

On the 3rd lockdown shortly after Xmas 2020, my son Simon was back from Uni, and challenged me to DJ live on Saturday nights. My daughter Louise aka Messy Mole also got the challenge to dress the set, and so began an extraordinarily lifting experience for all of us.

Now, it has to be said that this is not necessarily the music I would play as a wedding DJ (this is my core business which I dearly love and miss currently), but I hope you have fun listening. Essentially, this is a mix of house, drum & bass, with a few surprises thrown in. Simon and I take turns either 3 tracks each or a longer mix. No microphones, and it’s all for fun.

We will continue to run these every Saturday night at 7pm UK time, and would really appreciate if you joined us. To watch and listen, simply follow this link: DJ Simon Mole and DJ Brian Mole live in the mix

Here is what we have got up to in the mix:

30th December 2020:

6th January 2021:

13th January 2021:

20th January 2021:

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