Sara Ellis, To Have & To Hire Events

With many of this year’s upcoming weddings sadly on-hold as we type this, due to the Covid-19 pandemic – and those working in the wedding industry finding themselves, for the first time, without a summer of wonderful weddings ahead of them, we wanted to shine the spotlight on amazing suppliers we’ve worked with on happy wedding days gone-by. 

We hope that you’ll enjoy getting to know them a little bit better (we think our ‘5 second questions’ will give you great insight into each of our featured suppliers – who doesn’t want to know someone else’s fave biscuit, or song guaranteed to get them up on the dancefloor?), as we know just how important it is to have those on your wedding team who will be just as excited as you for your big day! 

Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Sara Ellis, To Have & To Hire Events 

Sara Ellis, To Have & to Hire
Image courtesy of Will at Love Heart Photography

In the first of our Wedding Supplier Spotlight series we’re shining the light on the very talented, Sara Ellis of To Have & To Hire Events, who we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside many times, over the years. To Have & To Hire Events are award-winning wedding stylists, covering Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and London, who also supply wedding decorations and props to hire too. 

To Have & to Hire central fairy light canopy at Southend Barns
Image courtesy of Sara Ellis, To Have & to Hire

Let’s find out more about Sara, her business and not forgetting, her fave biscuit…

Hi Sara! First things first: how did you get into weddings?

Six years ago, I decided that I wanted a career change and to do something completely different. I felt that my creative self needed to be released.

What had you done before?

For 15 years I was a computer programmer in the finance industry.  People are shocked when they hear this. However, because of this I am great when it comes to anything technical, I have a great head for numbers. Social media and websites do not phase me!

How would you describe what you do? 

Our mantra is: You Imagine! We Create! We try to be unique and different and be the ones setting the trends and not following them.

What do you love most about what you do?  

Receiving the amazing feedback from couples. We are so proud when we see a new couple and they say, ‘you did our friends’ wedding and it was amazing and we need to book you!’

What’s been your highlight so far?  

Winning the TWIA for Best Venue Stylist in the South East.

TWIA 2020 winner - Sara Ellis
Image courtesy of TWIA

What would be your top tips for choosing a wedding venue stylist?  

Style, stock and personality. Look for a venue stylist that has done weddings in the style of decor that you want for your wedding. Look at the type of stock and quality of stock.  

Personality is a big one for me, you are putting a lot of trust in this person. You do not have to be best friends BUT you should feel comfortable and get on.

To Have & to Hire table centrepiece
Image courtesy of Will, Love Heart Photography

You have a range of animals at home – can you tell us more about your furbabies?!  

Oh yes my little collection! We moved into our current house 13 years ago.  We started with the normal things; dogs, cats, a few chickens.  We have now progressed to sheep, goats, ducks, horses, tortoise, rheas (small ostriches) and even a wallaby called Jason.  If anybody said what do you collect, it would be animals!  I really want a donkey (husband not so keen) and perhaps an alpaca.

Five second questions

The song I love to dance to most is…  Whitney Houston, I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me).

What biscuits would you like to see most in the biscuit tin, and why?  Chocolate Digestives, the best of both worlds!

What bit of advice would you give to your younger self?  If something looks completely impossible, it’s probably the very thing you should be doing. Work hard and be kind and everything will work out fine.

Who is your secret celebrity crush?  Tom Hardy

If you were to host the ultimate dinner party what four guests would you invite and why?  Nelson Mandela – he fought for what he believed in through everything, Louis Thereoux – I bet he has some fantastic stories to tell, David Attenborough –  I just love watching his programmes and would love to meet him in person and lastly Marilyn Monroe: every dinner party needs some glamour and she is the idol of glamour.

Good choices!

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Tea or coffee?  Neither – however I am partial to a herbal tea!

Thanks Sara! See more from Sara and the To Have and To Hire team at:, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

To Have & to Hire neon sign and flowering trees hire
Image courtesy of the lovely Kelly Hearn Photography

Many thanks to the lovely Shelley Welti for the help in putting this feature together for me.