Coronavirus update – To my existing clients. .

Coronavirus update – To my existing clients. .

Coronavirus statement, updated 11th May 2020

As 2020 progresses with coronavirus induced lockdowns, daily life has changed. You, my clients, are extremely important to me and I want to let you know that you have my full support and understanding, as regards making changes to your wedding day if you feel the need to. With everything so uncertain right now, it’s very difficult to know what the right decision is.

As you can imagine, as a wedding dj, I am still fielding lots of calls and emails from worried clients whose events and celebrations are due to be taking place in the coming weeks and months. I want to be as understanding and as flexible as I can possibly with all clients. Like you, I’m trying my best to stay super positive too, we will get through this! So, I thought I’d update you on my thoughts.

HM Govt forbids weddings – updated 11/5/20

Following the government broadcast from Monday 23rd March 2020, all weddings are being prohibited for the immediate future. The Boris update on 10th May 2020 confirms nothing much will change here till at least 1st July 2020 when some of the hospitality industry can re-open, although I can’t imagine this will include weddings. Almost all wedding venues and Registrars seem to be advising their clients to choose a new date later this year or next year to reschedule their weddings, although I suspect this will last longer than expected. They are being super flexible, remember we’re all in this together.

Here is the UK government covid19 website showing all the current coronavirus advice: UK Govt Covid19 website

Rebooking for a different date

If you are thinking of choosing a new date, I’ll happily transfer your terms and any monies paid over to the new date. Positive thoughts, your wedding will still be amazing whichever date you choose, even if it’s a weekday, and even if you have to delay it to next year. It may be much better to delay it till next year as the after effects of the coronavirus crisis may be much less, and more of your guests will be able to attend. Imagine your wedding photos this year with fewer guests able to attend, all wearing corona face masks!

Please try to liaise with your venue and ALL of your existing suppliers, so that we can ALL make the new date, I, like many of the suppliers who play a huge part of your day would be devastated if you chose a future date which I wasn’t able to be part of. If I’m not able to make the new date, your booking fee is non-refundable. Luckily, I have the most loveliest group of DJ friends, who have been providing amazing support to each other. So rest assured, if I can’t be there for you on your new date, I have a huge network of Wedding DJs who would be ready and willing to step in and do an equally amazing job for you.

If you have a new date in mind, get in touch with me immediately to reserve this please. I am contacting all my lovely clients in turn, but please don’t wait if you have a potential plan. It’ll be lovely to hear from you. <3

2020, 2021 or 2022?

We are all waiting to hear what the future will look like for weddings, with a plan being promised from the government this coming Sunday. I have been speaking to many wedding industry professionals recently. The consensus is that it’s looking very likely that 2020 will see no weddings take place as they have before. Certainly, a quick look at West Sussex County Council’s registrar service today confirms this. 2021 could also be still severely affected, maybe we could be back to normal in 2022 – who knows?

In my meetings with other leading industry colleagues, we are actively coming up with some creative ideas which may lead to a way forward at intimate weddings for couples who still want to go ahead with their celebrations in the near future. Do get in touch if you think this could be of interest…

My coronavirus situation

During the coronavirus crisis, very little help has been forthcoming from our government so far for self employed people like me. As a wedding DJ, I’m just as worried about the coming months. My income will be hit drastically. It’s a really uncertain time for me too. I’m hoping this will change soon as help for the self employed has been promised in June.

What will happen if I become ill, or my family have to go into self-quarantine due to coronavirus? Luckily, as I mentioned before, I know some fab DJ’s who will be able to help.

Before you make any decisions, please check your wedding insurance policy wording, and remember that if you postpone your wedding to a different date, you may need to inform the insurer of the changes and that it may lead to a fee or even a change in the cover by the insurer.

A little lengthy, but I do hope it puts your mind at rest a little. Get in touch if you need to chat about anything at all. Stay healthy you lovely lot, but most of all, keep those beautiful minds of yours healthy by staying positive.

Remember, Music, Love and Dancing is not cancelled! Look after each other, sending all my love….

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He’re a snap of me and the donkey at Grittenham Barns for a bit of fun to lighten the coronavirus lockdown!

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