Alternatives to Ed Sheeran for your first dance!

Guess the 1st dance: Ed Sheeran?

Ed Sheeran has certainly cornered the wedding market by releasing a series of romantic songs which work so well not only as first dances, but also for ceremonies.  And why not indeed?!  His songs are well written, and totally on target!  There is nothing wrong with choosing one of his amazing productions for your first dance, but is it really what you want?  This is reflected when you ask your wedding guests to “Guess the first dance”, something which features with my Master of Ceremonies service.  I often supply and distribute these fun cards during the meal to entertain your guests.  As you can see, there are usually about 5 to 10 people who think it’ll be an Ed Sheeran song!

Ed Sheeran

Which Ed Sheeran song for a first dance?

Which Ed Sheeran song would you have for your first dance?  These fit the bill well:

  • Thinking out loud
  • Photograph
  • Tenerife Sea
  • Perfect
  • Perfect Symphony – Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli

Or would you have something different?

not Ed Sheeran
Some funny choices of first dance

There are really no rules when choosing a first dance for your wedding.  Your first dance is a great way to start the evening party at your wedding reception. It can be a slow track, a fast track, something with really meaningful lyrics, or even a complete party banger.  I have written a blog article on first dances which should give you examples of first dances chosen by my clients in 2018 – check it out now!  My main advice is let your mind choose something totally you, not something expected. 

Gold digger!
REALLY?!!!!!  😀

Can I help with your first dance?

If you would like to find out more, and how an award winning wedding DJ can help you on your big day, please do get in touch.  When we meet to discuss your celebration, I will give you a booklet full of music ideas for your first dance.  It will be a pleasure to help you choose the music for you and your guests at your wedding, and who knows, maybe you will choose Ed! 😀

TWIA regional winner

Cheers, Brian x

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