An Autumn Wedding, and why not?!

Autumn leaves on the ground

An ideal time to celebrate

Thinking about an autumn wedding, but not sure if it’s a good time to get married or not? Well, I can think of many reasons why you should consider autumn as a great time to get married. 

It’s true that most people think of summer as the best time to get married, and indeed this is the most popular season for weddings.  But there are a few downsides to summer.  As it is peak season, so the costs of getting married are also much higher than any other time of the year.  Another problem for many, as proved countless times this year (2018), is the sweltering heat, and lack of shade at many venues.  This causes discomfort to most of your guests, and just think about all the layers in that fab wedding dress! For example, at a recent wedding this summer, I provided the ceremony music for an outdoor civil ceremony.  Half way through the ceremony, several guests had to leave as the lack of shade and the hot sun made them feel very unwell.  Maybe a few colourful umbrellas would have helped here!

Spring is a great time to get married, with fabulous choices of blooms and lots of signs of new life in nature, but you can’t really guarantee the weather.  Spring showers are fairly common, although the temperatures should be clement.  Winter can be really difficult if the venue isn’t set up properly for weddings in inclement weather, but you could be really lucky with a bit of snow and have some amazing photos!

So we come on to Autumn.  Over the years, the weather has been on the whole quite nice in autumn.  Temperatures are comfortable, the trees change colour spectacularly before losing their leaves to the ground.  Kids have gone back to school, and life feels a little less busy for everyone.  Strolls in the countryside provide a fabulous backdrop for stunning images of your big day.  Decorations for your big day can take on the warm colours of autumn to great effect.  All the industry is a little cheaper too, so your wedding costs should be less.

Get in touch for your autumn wedding

As a professional full time wedding DJ, I provide my wedding services all year round, and it will be a pleasure to chat with you about your ideas to celebrate a stunning autumn wedding.  Just get in touch now to get the ball rolling.

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