Sussex WedFest

Sussex WedFest 2017 – a vintage themed wedding festival

Sussex Wedfest 2017

As an exhibitor at Sussex Wedfest – Sussex’s first wedding festival last week, it was amazing to see such a great group of wedding suppliers in one unique venue.  The really notable thing was how different this was to the ‘usual’ wedding fair format which I think is frankly a bit tired.  This mini festival took place at the fabulous Two Woods Estate in Pulborough which is such a gem of a venue.  Do have a look at my Two Woods venue page for more photos of this splendid place.

Couples planning their weddings had the chance of being entertained, fed, and watered on what was a most beautiful day whilst exploring the meadows, forest, barn, and fields at Two Woods.  There was an incredible array of hand-picked and approved wedding suppliers, all of which were guaranteed to make any party exceptional.

Friends and exhibitors at Two Woods Sussex Wedfest 2017:

These are some of the suppliers I had the pleasure of meeting and working with in the past, so it was great to see them exhibiting at Sussex Wedfest:

Some snaps from Sussex Wedfest:

Whilst walking around, I took a few photos at Sussex Wedfest, and it’s quite funny to see such a healthy interest in the humble VW Campervan!  They were used for everything.  Mine is a DJ Booth of course, but they were being used as photo booths, beer dispensers, cocktail bars, coffee bars, and of course for wedding transport.  Take a look:

Gecko Campers Deluxe Wedding Hire Georgia from Pinks Vintage Ice Cream Brian Mole's new VW Split Screen DJ Booth at Sussex Wedfest competition Gecko Campers Deluxe Wedding Hire VW Split Screen Campervan inside Deluxe Wedding Hire VW Split Screen Campervan The Coffee Camp VW Split Screen Campervan coffee bar Tipsy - The VW Campervan cocktail bar from The Tipsy Pigs at Sussex Wedfest

If you were there and really enjoyed this unique festival, please leave me a comment below and tell me why.  I can’t wait to till the next one.


Sara and Emma, many thanks for organising this fab event, and Jade, Mark and the team, well done for hosting this so well