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When should you book your wedding DJ?

You’re getting married, CONGRATULATIONS! Now starts the big task of planning a wedding. You have probably been to a few weddings, and have some great ideas in mind. You have also found a lot of ‘useful’ advice online for planning the perfect, stress free wedding day. Great! But, is it all good?

Well, I regularly see one bit of poor planning advice, and it seems to be a universally peddled by many sources! Bridal blogs, bridal magazines, wedding websites, venues, some wedding professionals and wedding planners all seem to quote this, and I think they may be a little wrong.

The advice in question is “When should you book your wedding DJ ?”

Here are some typical examples of what they suggest:

“With nine months to go, it’s time to check out your entertainment options.

A wedding professional’s website

“For weddings it is probably best to have the DJ booked in 6-9 months ahead of the big day”

Another DJ’s website


With six or nine months to go, is absolutely NOT the best time to start your search for a DJ! I have done the maths on my figures, and they show an interesting fact. Typically get around 350 enquiries a year. Many of these enquiries are for a wedding happening in 6 to 9 months time. So unfortunately, my all too regular reply is: “I’m so sorry, I am already booked on this date” which is a real disappointment. That is the answer for around 270 of those enquiries! However, most of the enquiries I get for 12 – 18 months’ time, I can usually reply with: “I would love to help, let’s chat”

“Generally you should aim to book your entertainment 12-18 months prior to your big day”

A wedding website

The advice above is better, obviously assuming you haven’t decided to get married in a few months! I have a much simpler way of thinking….

When you should actually find your wedding DJ?

In my mind, you will want the best people on your wedding supplier team. So, to ensure this, as soon as you have your dream venue booked, you should start your search for your wedding DJ. This is time sensitive, and searching for the ideal DJ, Photographer, celebrant etc, should be high priority. Incidentally, this also goes for other key suppliers such as photographers, celebrants etc.., who provide a personal service. If you want to know who I recommend, have a look at my little gold book of trusted wedding experts – they are all awesome! Also, if you are still searching for the perfect venue, do have a look at my venues guide pages for inspiration.

Don’t leave it to the last minute

You should not leave it to the last minute for obvious reasons, nor should you leave it to a few months before. The danger is that your ideal wedding DJ could already be booked by the time you enquire, and your choices will then become very limited. The best wedding professionals are very much in demand and get booked well in advance.

The advantage of booking your wedding DJ early

The advantage of booking your first choice sooner rather than later, is that you can guarantee they will be there and provide you with a first class service. You will have booked someone professional who you can trust basically. You may even find that they are a little cheaper as any annual price increases haven’t kicked in.

Once this is booked, you will have time to plan the finer details of your big day with much less stress, and we all need less stress in our lives!

As soon as you have booked the venue, please get in touch

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As soon as you have booked the venue, please do get in touch. It will be a pleasure to chat about my award winning wedding DJ service, as well as all the other wedding services I offer. Even if you are not quite ready to commit to booking a DJ, I can reserve your date for you so you are not disappointed later.